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Why do you need a professional makeup artist for your family photoshoot?

Because it is soooo convenient

Especially with young children around – you don’t always get to do your own makeup perfectly. When I’m doing your makeup – your hands are free. I did makeup for mum s while they were breastfeeding or on the phone. I’ve seen it all!

Because you want to create beautiful memories

The whole point of the photoshoot is to create a beautiful memory.

You already arranged a professional photographer. Why not use your good old iPhone? Because you want the pictures to last a lifetime. So why do you want to look tired and grumpy while you can absolutely look your best? you put your time and money in this photoshoot. so it makes sense to take the extra mile to look and feel your best

When you feel good - you look good

Professional makeup is a confidence boost. And when you feel pretty from the inside - it shows.

Because you just don’t want to think about it too much

Clients told me that whenever they do their own makeup they feel too conscious about it. And you don’t want to waste everyone’s time by going and checking your makeup in the mirror every two minutes. With your makeup professionally done – you are done and dusted – and ready to be photographed.


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