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Professional makeup for branding photoshoot – is it for you?

What is a professional branding photoshoot?

As a makeup artist, I see a high increase in the demand for professional branding photoshoots (sometimes called a “headshot”).

If you are a business owner, or you have your website or even your own YouTube channel - You want to make sure you look your best. In the era of social media, every image is our business card.

People who look professional in their profile pictures will attract more clients and opportunities, compared to the ones who just upload a blurry, cropped old picture of themselves holding a glass of prosecco. Think about it. As a customer – who would you prefer?

Ok, I get it. I need my picture taken by a professional, why do I need hair and makeup?

Because it will look 10 times better. Believe me. Getting your hair and makeup done will make you look more polished, ready for business and basically – a bad a** woman who knows what she’s doing.

Fine. But I can do my makeup myself. I do it every day.

I meet a lot of women who do their makeup beautifully daily. But makeup for a photo shoot is different – you have to consider the lighting, the base and the products you use very carefully.

Also, having a professional by your side during the day helps you to RELAX and save your energy on what’s important – delivering your message! You can sit, relax, and I’ll do all the work for you and make sure you look amazing in your final pictures.

all headshots photos above were taken by Natalia Zapala Movshovitz


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