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My Story

My whole life I was a little bit rebellious.

Sometimes, I wonder what am I doing in the wedding industry. After all, for centuries, marriage considered one of the most conservative institutes in our society.

But then again, I do not wonder at all.

The women that I meet every day are bold. They wear their heart on their sleeve, they aren’t afraid to be vulnerable and shout out to the universe that they're in love. They want to make it official because they're not afraid to show true feelings.

I think the boldest thing you can do is simply stay true to yourself. Do not morph into this image of a “bride” you once saw in a movie. Cause the truth is there is never going to be another bride like you.

With time. I got to meet more quirky people, beautiful souls and rebel hearts in this crazy industry.
People who understand they do not need to invent the wheel. They just need to make it their own.
Today, I believe I am right where I need to be. It is a vibe. And if you are vibing with me – get in touch with me today xx



About Maayan:

Maayan was born in Tel Aviv and moved to London In 2014.

With vast experience in Tv productions and glossy magazines, she decided to follow her dream and in 2018 studied professional makeup at the London College of Fashion.

Since then, she also trained with the leading names and artists in the industry. She is committed to being a lifelong student of the field. Today she is a recommended supplier by Kristina Gasperas  Academy.  

Maayan lives in North London with her husband, two boys and dog.

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