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My must have winter skincare saviours

Hello my friends and followers. It is the middle of January here in London, and let me tell you - it is GREY as hell.

I am not the dry-skin type of person. In fact, my skin is more on the oily-combination side. I am prone to acne and to rosacea. But, even though my skin is not dry, it can defiantly become de-hydrated very quickly. I am not drinking as much water as I would drink on a hot day. plus cold weather and radiators are also sucking all the moisture out. And the lips, ho, my poor lips. the become dry and chopped as the desert.

Here are 3 products that I absolutely cannot live without. I was them on myself as well as on my clients.

8 hours lip balm

The ONLY lip balm that works for me. And I really tried a LOT. from the most cheap ones the the most fancy - £40 for pot - ones. I find this one the most effective for me. It really keeps my lips in a good shape and ready for lipstick.

Weleda skin food

I will use this one for everything, everywhere. I will put it on my lips (yes this one as well). around my nose if its red and irritated and also on any flakiness. sometimes I will use it for my hands and nails. I also use it for my boys. just brilliant.

Clarins blue Orchid face oil

This is the one to go to bed with. after you finish your usual night routine - put on this lovely oil. It will lock all the moisture in your skin. and it also smell amazing.

In the morning the skin will be so plumped and soft. I will recommend my clients to put it the night before their event.

winter skincare. 8 hours lip balm, Clarins blue Orchid oil and Weleda skin food.


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