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Off topic: I really miss London's afternoon tea

This blog post is not related to makeup in any way and form... But this is my blog and I can write about tea if I want to!! The last year was extremely hard for me. I was on maternity leave when the pandemic started, and just when I was ready to go back to work - we were told to save lives and stay at home. I miss so much things in the "normal world" and the other day I was thinking about all the fabulous afternoon teas I had. I just love this tradition with its origins in the 19th century. Iv'e been to more modern places and more traditional places and they were all just amazing. So I would like to share with you a few of my favorites spots: Sketch London

The most beautiful pink room in the world, you literally feel like you are transform into a different dimension.

Fortnum and Mason Also needs no introduction... classy and fine and indulging. They have vegetarian and vegan options. (I'm a vegetarian).

Betty Blythe So, I don't know if this place is still working, but I hope it does as we had so much fun in there! I took my niece to celebrate her birthday there, and the idea is that there is a room full of vintage accessories and fun stuff and we all dressed up before sitting to the table!

This wallpaper is everything!

The Egerton House Hotel Well, they have vegan menu And DOGS menu, so that covered the entire family! I loved the traditional decor of the place.

I would give anything to have this now!

The Ivy I visited the one in St Albans. I Imagined my flats from Zara were actually Chanel and enjoyed every minute of it!


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