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5 Things You need to know about your wedding makeup

1. Good skin care routine is EVERYTHING

Before good makeup, comes good skin. I recommend all my clients to start really taking care of their skin about 6 months before the big day.

Sure, makeup can hide and conceal, but it cannot give you a new skin – the texture will show. That's why I recommend starting having regular facials and good skin care regimen at least several months before the wedding.

The better the canvas – the flawless the makeup will look. Need some advice? Don’t worry, we will examine your skin on our bridal trial and we can talk through it together.

2. Weather and location are important, too

A hot and humid location will require a different kind of makeup than a dry and cold location. When speaking to your makeup artist, take time and place into consideration. You do want your makeup to last all day long, even after kissing, dancing a (perhaps?) crying. and of course, it needs to look great in photos as well. A good photographer will know how to make the most of any given time. Temperature and light are big factors!

3. It's all about the dress

One of the first questions I ask a bride-to-be is about her dress. Sure, it most likely to be some kind of white. But what does your personal style say about you?

Are you more romantic? Is it the retro look that you are looking for or maybe just clean and simple look a-la Meghan Markle? The makeup should compliment your dress and create a lovely Cohesive look.

4. It's a family treat

Of course, you are the centre of attention. But think, who else will need makeup on that day? Are your mum or bridesmaids will need some makeup as well? Talk to your makeup artist and find out whether they have a group package or other discount. If your wedding is very big they might want another makeup artist to come and help.

And yes. Sometimes the groom could use some touch ups too! If required, I usually apply some translucent powder that will stop him from appearing shiny on photographs.

5. It’s your chance to take a break!

In almost every wedding movie, the morning of the wedding looks like the most stressful and chaotic thing in the world, but the truth is – it doesn’t have to be.

The makeup takes about an hour and a half, so that can be your time for yourself.

You will know from the trial how your makeup is going to look so just sit back and enjoy the pampering!


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